This course provides training for all new Detectives to understand what services Crime Scene Response provides.

This Course is 1.5 hours of AZPOST continuous training credit.

In this course you will have an understanding of DNA and what types of testing the Crime Lab can perform.

This Course is 1.3 hours of AZ POST continuous training credit.

In this course, you will obtain a basic understanding of drugs such as appearance, hazards, use, paraphernalia, and safety.

This Course is 1 hour of AZPOST Continuous Training Credit.

This block of instruction will educate the participants in the applicability and use of the Gunshot Residue Collection (GSR) collection kit. Upon Completion of this block of instruction students will be able to:

This Course is worth 1 hour of AZ POST Continuous Training Credit.

This course will provide a basic overview of the field of Forensic Firearms Examination and the capabilities of the Forensic Firearms Section of the Crime Laboratory 

This course will assist investigating detectives to better understand the potential types of firearm(s) related evidence they may encounter as well as types of forensic analyses that may be completed. 

This Course is worth 1HR of AZPOST Continuous Training Credit.

This is a closed course and is only available to employees that need to be recertified in TruNarc and Marijuana testing. If you want to enroll in this course contact Nicole Harris at the Crime Lab.