An overview of the components of the Criminal Justice System, their functions, responsibilities and inter-relationships.


Area I - History of Law Enforcement 1.2

A history of the development of law enforcement agencies from their inception to the present day, including the impact of reforms implemented by Sir Robert Peel and the development of policing in the United States.

An outline of local , county, state, tribal and federal  law enforcement  and regulatory agency functions, responsibilities to the community, jurisdictional limitations and mutual aid agreements. The relationships and channels of communication between law enforcement  and governmental and private resources are included. 

This course is an outline of general management and supervisory principles and techniques as well as basic problem solving strategies.  The relationship between employee and supervisor is defined.

An emphasis on the high moral, ethical and performance standards required of law enforcement personnel.  The functions and responsibilities of the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZ POST) are outlined.