This video is an update to the FTO program, and a pre-requisite to a mandatory in person refresher training. 

This eLearning section is a pre-requisite to the in-person training you will be attending to make sure everyone is up-to-date on the current documents being used, their location, the reasons for some of the changes, and to allow us to move directly into discussions about the documentation process when you arrive for training at the academy.  The training you will be receiving will consist of both classroom and practical training delivered in cooperation with the academy’s Tactical Training Detail and is intended to ensure everyone is updated on the current training focus and techniques.

This course will cover how patrol documents an Order of Protection when a Firearm(s) Transfer Order is issued by the Phoenix Municipal Court and what happens when the defendant fails to surrender their firearms(s) or do not file the Declaration of Firearm(s) Transfer Form in a timely matter.

2019- Body Worn Camera Training Update - Axon Body Camera 2

This class will provide students with an overview of the Axon Body Camera 2 and an understanding of the Phoenix Police Department body worn camera policy. This course is Mandatory for Patrol, and specialty details.

This course is worth 1 hour of AZPOST continuous credit.  This course is mandatory for ALL SWORN.

Welcome to the 2019 Annual Taser Recertification

E-Learning course!

This course will provide the student information and training on the functionality, proper use, updates, and Use of Force policy in regard to the Taser or Electronic Control Device (ECD).


Officers must be familiar with two major changes in the law impacting traffic enforcement that go into effect on

January 1, 2019. These changes are a result of HB2169:

1. Driving on a Suspended License will now be either a "civil" or "criminal" offense, depending on the underlying reason for the suspension. Officers will need to perform an additional records check to determine the specific reason(s) for a suspension in order to cite the correct offense.

2. A suspended license is no longer a reason for a mandatory tow under A.R.S. § 28-3511. Officers cannot tow a vehicle for suspended license violations, regardless of whether the violation is a civil or criminal offense.

This is a Mandatory course and once completed with this block of instruction, you will be able to explain what the responsibilities of the Transit Unit are and the goals specific to the detail. You will have an understanding of how to complete an investigation involving transit property, including utilizing the S.T.O.P. program, and the proper method and time constraints of requesting video evidence from the Valley Metro Buses or Light Rails.

This course is worth 1hr of AZ POST continuous training credit.

2019 - Communication in Volatile Incidents

This online course on Communication in Volatile Incidents is the mandatory prerequisite course to the in person 'Solo Officer Options' instruction at the Phoenix Regional Police Academy.

This course is designed to be an overview of new additions and changes to the leave and attendance policies as of January 1, 2019.

Course Agenda:

  • Expanding use of sick leave
  • Updating “Family Member” definition
  • Life-threatening personal/family conditions
  • Expanding bereavement leave
  • Vacation for new employees
  • Earned paid sick time
  • Acceptable limits of unscheduled absences
  • Employee and Supervisor Responsibilities

2019 - National Police Foundation - Recommendation #1

This online course is developed based on The National Police Foundation's Recommendations and Implementation Plan. This course outlines the first recommendation and the update to Operations Orders 1.5 in regard to the reporting requirements, best practices, and officer safety.